Saturday, January 15, 2011

Camera Vs Photographer

James Estrin once wrote in a New York Times photo blog - Lens, about fellow New York Times photographer Damon Winter's work covering lives of US soldiers in Afghanistan. His blog post also featured series of images captured by Winter using his iPhone.

James wrote, "Does it really matter what camera Damon Winter used to make these beautifully composed images? I don't think so. It's the images that are important. Whenever possible, I avoid writing about camera gear. The photographer takes the picture, not the equipment. Few people care what kind of typewriter Hemingway used."

I couldn't agree more! It really is the photographer's vision that makes the image unique.

Inspired by Winter's work, here is also my take on "camera vs photographer" using iPhone and Retro Camera App.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Write Talk Touch

If one has to choose the most talked about social activities in 2010, I think the winner would probably goes to “Getting Connected”.

Yes, you can write a Facebook or blog post to get connected as what I am doing now; do a Skype call to get connected…the list goes on! However, there is one thing the digital bandwidth cannot do. That is physically reaching out to touch someone - the simple face-to-face human connection.

Like everyone else, guess my 2011 will probably not able to stay out of this “Getting Connected” business totally, but perhaps it will/can/should goes beyond the digital, do more of the reaching out and further into getting the real connection with the ONE that has unlimited bandwidth.

Bryant Park, New York City