Saturday, April 21, 2012

4 Days in Okinawa

Cape Manza (in Japanese, it is called "Manzamou"), a popular tourist spot that has breathtaking view of the ocean and rocky cliff.
Souvenir shops in the parking area of Cape Manza

Sea Side Jet City Burgers, filled with old American wares for decor, serves up not only juicy burger—Americana style; there are also Pineapple burger, Goya burger and Avocado burger on the menu. It's American fast food with a Okinawan flair.
A beautiful beach scene that is common along the coastline of Okinawa Island.
Ufuya, a 100 years old folk house turned restaurant. Their famous Agu pork soba is very popular.

Ryukyu Mura, a cultural village that introduce Ryukyu culture, musician/performer here introducing traditional music to young Japanese tourist.

Nakijin Gusuku (Castle) Ruins

Domani Café, run by three Japanese ladies, has a family restaurant feel that serves up fusion of French and Japanese cuisine.

Set lunch at Domani includes this appetizer platter for as low as ¥1200.

Square located inside of Shurijo Castle, a symbol of the magnificent history of the Ryukyu Kingdom era.