Monday, April 29, 2013

A Little French in Central

Gage St, Central, Hong Kong

My lunch

Le Monde d’Ulysse is a small, but cozy French restaurant in Central — the financial district of
Hong Kong. Its interior d├ęcor reflects an unpretentious but elegant flair that one can feel as if they were dining in a country restaurant somewhere in France. Lunch menu consists of a few rice dishes with different combination of meat, seafood and vegetables. As for my lunch, I picked the grilled pork slices with fried egg, which was like French blended with a bit of Hong Kong. It was simply smashing!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Singapore, Bits and Pieces

Four days in Singapore were short and brief, but managed to see the many facets of this modern city, feel the climate and capture my Singapore story in bits and pieces.

Street near Chinatown

Shops by Chinatown

Cloud Forest, Gardens by the Bay

Telok Blangah Green

Lotus pond by the ArtScience Museum

Students at the Singapore National Museum

Gardens by the Bay

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ordinary HK

To most tourists, Hong Kong is vibrant, fast pace, modern, a place to shop for brand name products, and a city of changes. During a recent trip there (not as a tourist), I however managed to get a glimpse of a different Hong Kong, perhaps a more down to earth without all the chic and glamour Hong Kong.  It’s a place where everyday folks working hard to support their families, holding tight to their values, living their lives, doing things as what most ordinary people would do. Yes, they are ordinary but in a uniquely Hong Kong style!

note: photos were taken at various locations of the Hong Kong island